Blackhat PDF Backlinks Method

What is PDF backlinking and why it is beneficial for SEO?

    PDF backlinking is a way to get backlinks to your website using PDF files. You create PDF files that contain links to your website and share them on different platforms and document-sharing websites.

    This benefits your website’s rankings because it shows search engines that your website is trustworthy and valuable. It can also drive more traffic to your website, resulting in more engagement and potentially higher revenue.

    Overall, PDF backlinking is a cost-effective way to increase your website’s online visibility and establish yourself as an industry expert.

    But for this method, we try to find Google Highly trusted sources like .edu sites.

    First, open Word and generate some content related to your niche. Inside the content, include your Backlink with your anchor text link. Export to PDF and done.

    Finding Edu Sites to Upload your PDF

    Go to Google & type this ( The goal is to find websites that permit you to upload PDF files. ):

    site:edu "allowed file types."

    Feel free to exchange “edu” with any other chosen extension, such as “gov”

    You’ll find plenty of websites like this:

    Identifying targets for Uploading

    Check each site and make sure there is an Upload button! If not, skip it!

    I will give you an example URL:

    Getting the PDF File Url

    Right-click on the uploaded file and copy the URL. 

    Now, try to see if your URL is working. Some websites might give you a 404 error. 

    In my case my test pdf file was uploaded here:

    Note: No need to submit the form! You just need to upload the file successfully.


    There are many ways to index them. I post these PDF Backlinks on multiple social media platforms to force google to crawl and index them.

    Secret Sauce

    Finding working sites where you can successfully upload PDF Files can sometimes be very time-consuming.

    Instead, we reverse Engineer and trace where new PDFs have been successfully uploaded.

    It would be by searching for New or Upcoming movies!

    An example would be by typing in google

    site:edu John wick 4 + "watch online"

    You will see a bunch of Successfully working PDF file URLs.

    Now you need to enter google the URL of where the PDF was uploaded successfully.


    site: "allowed file types."

    On the Upload Url page, scroll down to the very bottom and find the Upload button.

    Enjoy! Now you can add your own twists in finding your own footprints!