Linkvertise Blackhat Method for Beginners


  • Have a Account
  • Have a Facebook Account

What is Linkverise?

Linkverise is a monetization platform that allows you to earn money by shortening your links and sharing them on social media, blogs, or other websites.

But why Linkvertise? It is the market’s top-paid URL shortener because they are trusted to pay out.

The amount you earn per click or action varies based on the country and the advertiser.

You earn money whenever someone clicks on your shortened link and

  • Sees an ad for 15 seconds
  • Visitor Installs an App from the app store
  • Installs a browser extension of the ad (High Revenue)
  • Activates Browser notification
  • Views articles in a window

How to Create An Account On Linkvertise

Creating an account on Linkvertise is simple and straightforward. To get started, go to and click the “Register” button located at the top right corner of the page. You will be asked to provide your full name, email address, and password. After completing these steps, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on activating your new account.

Here is a Short Video that walks you through and shows you how to set up your link

Linkvertise Method

  1. Download and save a random logo picture from Google and upload it to your Google Drive.

Like this:

2. Return to your Linkvertise Account, choose “Create Link,” then paste the Google Drive logo link.

3. Now, you’ll have a shortened link; anybody who clicks on it must watch a 15-second ad before reaching the Google Drive link. That is when you earn money.

Optional is if you want to get paid more, activate the App Install and Browser Addon option in “select the advertising method.”

It means some users will have to download an app/extension, which results in more significant earnings.

4. Login To Your Facebook Account & Join All The Groups Related To Logo, Digital Graphic Designing.

5. Join the group and post that you are looking for a graphic designer, and you will receive 100 plus messages with just a single hiring post.

(Check the comments on each job posting; they have 200-400 comments from logo designers seeking work.) So Instead of posting links in groups (Which gets you banned), get the people who want to be hired to contact you instead. You’ll get A TON of messages!

Make sure you don’t spam, or Facebook will ban your account.

If you do your job posting properly, you will receive more EU and US traffic, which pays out more!

6. After you get a message, reply by sending them the shortened Linkvertise link you made earlier and tell them you need a logo like this so that when they click on the link, they have to view the advertisement or download an app/extension before they get to see the logo.

Optional: You can disguise the Linkvertise link by making a blogger blog or site of a fake artist persona’s portfolio, but everything in their portfolio is behind a linkvertise. Mention in the Message, “Can you create a logo or graphic in a similar style to this artist? (send the URL to the fake portfolio).

Important Notes

  • You can, of course, use another URL shortener provider!
  • The gold in this method isn’t the shortener URL; it’s how it generates the clicks by doing social engineering.
  • For US traffic, you get more earnings. It is around US $0.50 per click/ad view.
  • You need to reach $10 before you can withdraw.


  • You can also target programmers, copywriters, UX/UI designers, etc
  • Start Targeting other platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and other platforms with potential traffic.
  • Add your own twist to this method!

Proof of payments:

From various people who used this method $103 with Just 176 Clicks:

$44 with 94 Clicks:

Withdrawal request: